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Briefly about the route
85 km
8.5 h.
Route surface
100% Asphalt

Kelmė region is also famous for the significant creators who once lived and worked here. On this route we invite You to get acquainted with the places where such famous people as Motiejus Kazimieras Sarbievius, Povilas Višinskis, Marija Pečkauskaitė or Šatrija Ragana, Bronius Laucevičius and other persons worked, lived and visited in the past.

We offer to start this acquaintance with the creators of Kelmė region from Kražiai. In the museum located in the Kražiai M. K. Sarbievius culture center, You will be able to get acquainted with many prominent personalities, who have taught here - Motiejus Valančius, and were students - Simonas Stanevičius, Aleksandras Fromas-Gužutis, Antanas Strazdas, Liudvikas Adomas Jucevičius, Jurgis Pliateris, Jonas Zenkevičius and others.

Another stop could be the Užventis ethnographic museum located in barn of the manor. The manor is famous for the fact that here in 1887–1898 lived writer Marija Pečkauskaitė-Šatrijos Ragana. The best years of the writer were spent here, here she drew inspiration for her most valuable works - "In Old Manor", "Viktutė". Later, this manor, which has survived to this day, belonged to Jonas Smilgevičius (1870–1942), a signatory of the Lithuanian 1918 Act of Independence. In these days the manor runs educational programs that You can order.

After visiting Užventis manor, we suggest to continue the trip in Ušnėnai. Here in P. Višinskis house there is a memorial exposition dedicated to the work and life of Povilas Višinskis and Žemaitė, who lived in the neighborhood.

If You want to get to know the history of Kelmė's past, the creator of the Riflemen's Union Vladas Pūtvis-Putvinskis and the Gruževskis family who lived in Kelmė, we offer You to visit Kelmė Manor. The manor museum exhibits objects of the Gruzewski family who have lived here for about 350 years, as well there is an exposition about Vladas Pūtvis-Putvinskis and the beginning of the Riflemen's Union.

Another short stop could be the monument of Bronius Laucevičius-Vargšas in Kelmė. The memory of the writer was immortalized by another artist from Kelmė, who created many stone sculptures by Juozas Liaudanskis for Kelmė.

We suggest ending the trip along the paths of the creators at the Žalpiai ethnographic museum. In this museum You will be introduced to the life and activities of Jeronimas Ralys, a translator who translated Homer's Ilijada and Odysseus into Lithuanian language. The museum will also introduce Jonas Garalevičius, the creator of the first glider in Lithuania.

On this route You will drive about 85 kilometers and see 7 objects related to developers who lived in Kelmė region and carried out various activities.


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