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Kelmė manor began known form the fifteenth century. From 1591 till 1945 manor was Gruževskiai family property. Former Kelmė manor - Lithuanian valuable architectural and historical monument.

It is rare baroque Lithuania Provincial manor. Kelmė manor estates reflects the sharpest architectural, construction, parks, art and farming development features. It is a large homestead mature composition, rich in authentic buildings, plants and water. The historic role of Kelmė manor was 1831 uprising - the then owner of the manor came to Julius Gruževskis Raseiniai district Rebel Committee.

In 1940 the last owner of the manor Gabrielle Gruževskienė with daughters Sofia and Adolfina were driven out of the estate, and later deported to Siberia. During the German occupation in Kelmė manor lived Baron von Haren, after the war, here was located in school, and later the Soviet Poultry Farm Center, which has retained a former manor building a small public museum in 1990. Then steered the beginning of the current Kelmė region museum.


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