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Briefly about the route
76 km
6.5 h.
Route surface
100% Asphalt

We offer everyone who are interested in the old Lithuanian manors to visit the 5 manors in the Kelmė district, which fascinate with their longevity and interesting stories.

We offer to start this trip with the manors of Kelmė district from Pakėvis manor, located in Pakėvis village. This manor has been known since the 17th century, it belonged to the Radavičiai family of nobles. Here You can relax or come to celebrate important holidays.

Another manor just 25 minutes away from Pakėvis is Beržėnai Manor. The manor, mentioned since the 15th century, belonged to the families of Counts Čapskiai, nobles Šemetai, Gorskiai. The manor was famous for its luxuriously furnished interiors and rich collections of works of art. Here You can explore the manor house and take a walk in the surrounding park.

The next stop is Kelmė Manor, also known as Kelmė Region Museum. It is a protected cultural heritage object, valued as a rarely surviving baroque-style homestead of a Lithuanian provincial manor. Kelmė manor is the place where the rebellion against tsarist Russia in 1831 first began in Lithuania. At Kelmė Manor-Museum You will be introduced to the only exposition of Indian culture in Lithuania. If You want, You will be included in the carousel of Indian games, quizzes, treated to "irokėzai" cakes, mate tea with honey, You will be able to shoot with a bow, buy souvenirs.

After visiting Kelmė manor, You should visit another interesting place, it is Pagryžuvis manor. The romantic style palace of this manor was built in 1858 according to the project of the famous architect of that time F. Rimgaila. At the end of the 18th century, Pagryžuvis manor belonged to the noble Šemetas and later to the Pšeciševskis family. Here You can view the manor house from the outside and take a walk in the surrounding park.

We suggest completing this trip around the manors of Kelmė district in Tytuvėnai. Here, in the village of Tytuvenėliai, there is a surviving Tytuvėnai manor. Tytuvėnai manor is mentioned in written sources in 1500. Its governors were famous nobles of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: Sapiega, Valavičiai, Radvila. Now part of the dilapidated buildings, ponds and the park, which were established in the 19th century in the Tytuvėnai manor, have survived in the Tytuvėnai manor.

Throughout the route - 5 unique district manors. By choosing this route, You will drive about 76 km and take half a day.


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