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Briefly about the route
120 km
11 h.
Route surface
100% Asphalt

Kelmė region invites You to get to know, discover and love the most famous places in Kelmė district – Tytuvėnai Church and Monastery ensemble, Kelmė manor, Palendriai monastery, Užventis mill, cognitive trail and Kražiai College (M. K. Sarbievius cultural center). The route is arranged so that those who want it can start either from Kražiai or from Tytuvėnai.

We recommend starting Your trip in Kražiai, where You will experience endless impressions. Here, in the former Kražiai College building houses the M. K. Sarbievius cultural center, are museum and tourist information are provided. In the museum You will be able to get acquainted with the interesting history of Kražiai town and its surroundings, participate in an active and exclusive educational program "At the arrival of Samogitians", see the heaviest book in Lithuania.

On the way to Užventis, we suggest You stop in Pakėvis and visit Pakėvis manor.

After getting to know and love Kražiai, we invite You to go to Užventis, where You will find Užventis mill and a cognitive trail. Today Užventis Manor Mill is a great place to relax, because there are many spa services. By the way, the mill has restored an old turbine that produces electricity. There is a nature trail next to the mill, which will allow visitors to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful nature.

On the way to the next object Palendriai monastery You will have the opportunity to get to know P. Višinskis memorial museum and Beržėnai manor. Both the museum and the manor are next to the main road, so You won’t have to travel far from the main road when traveling.

After overcoming the distance from Užventis to Palendriai, You will find peace in the Palendriai monastery. The old church of Palendriai "Mary of the Gates of Dawn" still stands near the monastery. Since 2004 in the Benedictine monastery, the monks will invite You to participate in prayer. Those who want to spend more time in the monastery have the opportunity to stay in the guest house "Aušrinė žvaigždė" near the monastery.

After taking peace of mind, You will come to the Kelmė Regional Museum. The museum is located in the building of the former manor. Kelmė manor is a reflection of the baroque manor of the province. The museum is rich in a variety of unique expositions, including educational programs.

The last (or the first) stop on the route is an impressive ensemble of Tytuvėnai church and monastery. It is a sanctuary of various styles (baroque, rococo), a Bernardine monastery, which currently houses the Pilgrim center. Now the monastery is the place where You can drink coffee and, if necessary, stay for a few days.

By choosing this route, You will get to know the Kelmė district, experience many new and previously unexperienced impressions. During the route You will drive about 100 km.



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